Founded in 1992, Felixcan is a Spanish company of acknowledged worldwide prestige in Animal Identification. It became part of DATAMARS Group in 2017, which is also specialized in Animal Identification and enjoys the absolute world leadership in high-performance solutions.

After the integration of Felixcan in Datamars Group, the Spanish division was heavily reinforced by relocating all the Production Lines in the facilities of Albacete (SPAIN).

From 1 January 2019, FELIXCAN, S.L.U. is renamed DATAMARS IBÉRICA, S.L.U., keeping the name FELIXCAN only as a Trade Mark for their own products. Datamars also includes other product marks such as Z TAGS, SIMCRO, TRU TEST, PETLINK or TEXTIL-ID, which enables us to be capable of offering the widest range of products and integrated services.

By constantly applying the most advanced technology in the Production System, Datamars provide added value to its Brand, products and services. Fulfilling the commitment of Quality and Guarantee to our Customers is undoubtedly the main purpose and the reason why our excellent prestige and reputation among Pet and Livestock industry as a supplier of intelligent solutions, has grown up to its present level.


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Polígono Industrial Romica, Calle Atenas, 29, 02007 ALBACETE (Spain)
Tlf: +34 967 52 01 87 - Fax: +34 967 52 20 61