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Sheep-Goat Collar
Sheep-Goat Collar
Ref. 00115 Printed with laser
Ref. 00015 No printing

Collar specially designed for sheep and goats identification.
Made of a long-life material and it can be engraved by laser technology with all the information the customer demands.

Very easy implantation and once it is implanted, it can last for the entire animal’s lifespan.

There are several colours available.

  Measurements : 655x59x12 mm.
  Weight : 62 g.
Identification Tag Collar
Identification Tag Collar
Ref. 00011 Printed with laser
Ref. 00012 No printing

These collars are made of high-resistance material specially
designed for the visualization of the identification in the animal from long distances when necessary or, in special conditions where it is necessary to have enough space to print a lot of information,
logotypes, etc.

It can be printed by means of laser technology with all the information the customer needs.

To fasten the medal to the animal, please see the reference 00010.

Available in several colours.

  Measurements : 100x40 mm.
  Weight : 9 g.
Nylon Strip
Nylon Strip
Ref. 00010

These highly resistant and well finished nylon strips are used along with medals, references 00011 and 00012.

The clasp is made of stainless steel which will allow it to last for the entire lifespan of the animal. The clasp is sewn to the nylon strip in order to guarantee a perfect fastening.

The standard size is 50 cm long, although a different size can be made at the customer request.

Note: the strip does not come with the medal.

Several colours available.

  Measurements : 500x30 mm.
  Weight : 16 g.

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